The Good Book says,

‘A goodman leaves an inheritance To his children’s children…’

Your hard-earned savings are being destroyed by high fees that you must pay regardless of performance!
You cannot do it yourself is the mantra! Stop listening to salespeople you are smarter than them.

Remember, they said man cannot fly – Guess what? The Wright brothers proved them wrong. In fact, within 66 years (one generation) man landed on the moon!

Learn2Invest‘s Path to Financial Mastery

About Us

About Us

LEARN2INVEST is Canada’s leading investment education and training corporation. Empowering families to begin a journey of building their inheritance for the next generation through investment education.
LEARN2INVEST achieves this through teaching, training, and coaching individuals in the art and science of self-directed investing with a foundation based on capital preservation.

Why do you need toLEARN2INVEST’?

A major strategy/method of wealth building is by investing your hard-earned money in solid companies within Canada that have a tremendous track record There is saying “ your money should be working for you” (a cliché that has been blasted by salespeople with titles like Financial Advisors; Financial Engineers etc.,). In fact, they all claim to be ‘financial experts’ but it is very likely that an ‘expert’ person’s only source of income is from selling a package to you.

So, who taught you to be wealthy? Very FEW people teach families how to be wealthy. Everything that you know about wealth management came through osmosis – from parents, grandparents, school, college /university, friends, seminars, books, etc.’ However, most have paid a high cost because any attempt at wealth-building was mostly through trial & error. Even university degrees teach you to work for someone else and do not teach you to be wealthy! No offense intended but many PhDs live from paycheque to paycheque.


The mistake of delegation.

Be Independent – do not be dependent on the so-called ‘experts’! Knowledge is power. Only you will care more about your money than anyone else. Therefore, it should NEVER be delegated. But alas, thousands give away their authority over their hard-earned savings to ‘experts’.